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"One Planet Books is the best way for us to reinvest a consistent amount of money into our campus. It’s easy to maintain and I feel confident and secure knowing that the program is run by MBS." -Terri Hudson, director of Ashland University Bookstore

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are there any restrictions?

We accept nearly any used book that has no current marketplace value. There are just a few exceptions:

  • No activity books, such as coloring or crosswords
  • No magazines and periodicals (bound or unbound)
  • No telephone books and other directories
  • No encyclopedias
  • No library books
  • No non-textbook course materials such as worksheets and packets
  • No custom course books in quantities of 20 or more.

can I only collect during Buyback?

No! We encourage being eco-friendly all year round, so your store store can run additional book collections during the school year with the support of campus-related or other local groups.

how do I get paid?

Ten dollars per carton is paid to your store upon receipt of each shipment. Each shipment must be labeled with the One Planet Books shipping labels, which we provide. Payment is subject to restrictions on materials that cannot be accepted. All payments will be made to the bookstore, using the “Pay To” information on record for the account.

can you make my check out to the organization it will be donated to?

Unfortunately, we are not able to make payments directly to other third-party entities.